The HHAX Nightingale


Inspired (as always) by mid-century, post-war design, the HHAX Nightingale is my lowest land impact building so far. Weighing in at a mere 15 prims, this partial-mesh build will fit with room to spare in your new 1024 plot (thanks for the extra land, Linden Lab!) and features high-quality materials, perfectly aligned textures and opening doors (yes, I’ve finally made a building with doors that open).


This is one of my most ambitious builds yet; it required no small degree of work on my trusty desktop calculator to get everything lined up the way I wanted it. And lots and lots of fiddling. Lining up the wooden ceiling textures nearly drove me insane.


The Nightingale can be purchased from the Marketplace here.


Many thanks to Paradox Ivory for giving me permission (retrospectively, cough) to shoot the Nightingale at her sim, DoX (in the top picture).

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