AFK, All of it: print versions


The vast majority of my book sales are the Kindle ebook versions, which is completely understandable: they’re very cheap and instantly available. I often produce paperback versions – if only so that I can order one for myself for my bookshelf, but these sell very few copies. I’m fine with that.

For AFK, All of it, I decided to push the barrel out a little and create something really nice: both hardcover and paperback print versions of the 740 page book in 6” by 9” sizing with creme paper. I put a lot of time into formatting this just right for print and the end result – even if I say so myself – looks great.


The books cost £29.99 for the hardcover version and £19.99 for the paperback – both prices I wish were lower, but Amazon demands a substantial discount from publishers (in my case,, which means the price gets pushed up. What this means is, whilst you can buy the books at these prices from Amazon, I will only make about £1 per sale from each one sold that way; if you buy them from, however, I will make about £6. I know. I’m cross about it too. That said, the ebook market opened up by the Kindle has created a whole new world for independent authors like myself, so I really can’t be too grumpy at Amazon.


If you would like a real, physical copy of the book to curl up with, then, it would make me happy if you bought it from You can do so via these links:



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