Launch party snapshots

Party 16mrt18 - Crowd - III

A huge thank you to everyone who attended my launch party last night for ‘AFK, All of it.’ The StoshChuckles bar at the Nancy Redgrave Building was satisfyingly full of friends dancing to a phenomenal 80s set by DJ Lake. I also did a live reading in voice from chapter 7 of ‘AFK, in pursuit of avengement,’ one of the five novels included in the book.

Party 16mrt18 - Crowd - II

A few snapshots of attendees below.

Party 16mrt18 - Elemiah and Caity
Elemiah Choche (who appears on the front cover of the book) and event manager Caitlin Tobias.
Party 16mrt18- Lake
DJ Lake, who created a superb set of 80s classics.
Party 16mrt18 - Ylva
Ylva, who appeared on the front cover of ‘AFK, Awaiting.’
Party 16mrt18 - Isa
Isa Messioptra
Party 16mrt18 - K
K Lynagh

I’m indebted to Caitlin Tobias, who organised the event (including decorating the lounge and entrance foyer, making them look stunning) and who took the gorgeous pictures on this page. Not only that, but she was also on cleaning duty this morning…

The day after...

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