New from HHAX: The Ladderax v2


As some of you know, I’m slightly in love with mid-20th century design, especially that era of Danish Modern teak veneered furniture that straddles the 60s and 70s. The reason for this is simple: my parents owned a number of pieces of such furniture.

My favourite of all of these – which still takes up an entire wall of my mother’s lounge to this day – is the Ladderax system.


I made a version of this for SL several years ago (you can check it out here on my old, short-lived furniture blog). This is actually – I recently discovered – my most viewed Marketplace item by a very long way. I don’t think I sold a single one, however, and the reason for this is likely very simple: since it was built entirely from prims its LI was enormous, with the various configurations ranging from 16 to an eye-watering 58 prims.

A while back I did create a mesh version using mesh studio, but such was my competence in those days I was still unable to get the prim count anywhere below 17 prims. Additionally, I had become unhappy with the texturing – although I’d made the texture myself from my mother’s own furniture, it just looked too red and artificial. So I didn’t list it.

And that’s been an itch at the back of my head ever since. I feel a sense of obligation to the Ladderax. It’s been part of my entire life, as this picture of me below shows.

Me watching TV (date uncertain) (colour adjusted).jpg

Finally this week I sat down and rebuilt the entire system from scratch. I’ve learned a lot about how to reduce LI on mesh projects over the last few weeks, and I can now announce the HHAX Ladderax version 2, which comes in 3, 4 and 5 LI versions. That’s more like it.

There are four versions of the Ladderax for you to choose from. Three of these are two column versions with either a cabinet, drawer unit or cupboard on the right-side column. The cabinet version is shown below in a fabulous picture by Caitlin Tobias (I gave her a preview version to play with).

That's not the place for the remote....

Then there’s the full three column version shown in the picture at the top of this post. In addition to the set-up depicted, this also includes all individual components so that you can create your very own Ladderax set-up.


I now finally feel as though I’ve scratched that itch. Though, if there’s enough interest, I might just be persuaded to create a version with opening drawers and cupboards…

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