The HHAX Lovers’ mixtape: your Valentine’s gift sorted


Here’s a special edition of my HHAX Blank tape: the Lovers’ mixtape a mod/trans version decorated for Valentines Day that you can give to your special someone. When clicked, the cassette delivers a notecard with your personalised message and a link to a YouTube playlist you will have lovingly put together for him or her. You can also personalise the cassette label, making the gift unique to you and your relationship.

Yes, there’s some work for you to do on this: it’s not a simple matter of finding a nice something on the mareketplace and, a couple of clicks later, feeling that your Valentine’s duty is done; at the very least you’re going to have to put that playlist together. You heard of that saying, “it’s the thought that counts” though, right? So go get some playlist thought done. You have ten days.

Just in case all of that sounds way too complicated, I’ve put together below step-by-step tutorials on (a) customising the notecard that gets delivered to your lover when s/he clicks on it, (b) creating a YouTube playlist and (c) customising the cassette label. Yes, the latter of these assumes you have a PC: if you’re someone who decided that a Mac looks nicer on your desk then I’m afraid you’ll have to do the best job that you can at extrapolating the instructions to your chosen platform.

A quick note, before you buy: this is a mod/trans item. You should buy it for yourself (ie, DON’T buy it as a gift for someone) and then customise, and then give the item to your lover. Once you’ve done that, it will be gone from your inventory, so make sure you get it just right before sending.

Buy it on the Marketplace here.

Let’s get started with the tutorials.

How to customise the notecard

The HHAX Lovers’ mixtape is delivered to your inventory as a folder (I don’t do boxes; for why see here). In the folder, you will find the following:


Rezz the mixtape (highlighted above in the red rectangle) on a convenient surface, right click it and select ‘Edit’ as shown below. Click the ‘Content’ tab as highlighted.


Double-click the notecard, ‘A mixtape just for you’ and it will open on the screen as shown below.


Now all you have to do is edit the notecard: write  in your own personalised message, delete the sample URL and replace it with that of your own YouTube playlist (see below for instructions on how to create a YouTube playlist). Of course, there’s nothing stopping you from adding instead a playlist from some other service – for example SoundCloud – if you prefer.

When you’re done, click on ‘Save’ and close the edit box.

How to make a YouTube playlist

Privacy warning: To create a YouTube playlist, you must have a YouTube account (your gmail account will work just fine) and this account name will appear on the playlist once created. If you don’t want this to be seen by the person you are sending your mixtape to, consider creating a separate account with a different name.

Sign in to YouTube and find your first video. Click the ‘Add to…’ button underneath the video (labelled (1) in the image below) and select ‘Create new playlist’ (2).


Next, give your playlist a name. I have called mine ‘Pet Shop Boys love songs’ (3). Select ‘Unlisted’ under the Privacy option (4) – this means that only people with the eventual playlist URL will be able to get to the playlist. Now click on ‘Create’ (5).


Now find the next song you want to add to your playlist. Click ‘Add to…’ again (6) and click on the name you just gave your playlist (7).


Repeat this for each song in your playlist.

When you’re finished, click the little menu icon in the top-left corner of the screen (the three horizontal lines) and click on the name of your playlist in the menu bar (8).


This takes you to the page for your playlist. Copy the URL (9) and paste it into the text in your mixtape notecard.  You’re done!


Privacy warning (in case you didn’t read it the first time): To create a YouTube playlist, you must have a YouTube account (your gmail account will work just fine) and this account name will appear on the playlist once created. If you don’t want this to be seen by the person you are sending your mixtape to, consider creating a separate account with a different name.

How to edit the cassette label in GIMP

If you would like to edit the cassette label to give your mixtape that extra special personal touch, you will need to download it from SL and edit it in a graphics package. There are lots of graphics applications available, however to edit the cassette label you will need one that is able to edit TGA files. I recommend GIMP because it’s free.

Start by saving the image from SL. From the Firestorm viewer (which I use for SL), this is a matter of right-clicking the image file in your inventory (labelled (1) in the picture below) and selecting ‘Save As’ (2). The image should automatically save as a TGA file, but if for any reason it doesn’t select this from the ‘Save as type’ dropdown box.


Now open GIMP and open your image using File > Open and then locating the folder in which you saved the image.

To add some text to your label, click on the text tool (3).


Position the cursor somewhere on the white space of the label, click and start typing your special message (4).  DO NOT PLACE ANYTHING IN THE GREY, CHECKED AREA – this is transparent space and needs to be left as it is.


Select the text and make it larger by increasing the font size control (5). Select a different font from the font select menu on the left hand side (6).


Re-position the text using the Move tool (7).


There are lots of more complex ways in which you could customise your mixtape label – and I’ve included a completely blank label if you’d like to start from scratch – but I’ll leave you to explore that for yourself. For now, it’s time to save the image. To do that, you need to click on the file menu and select ‘Export As’.

Name your file, making sure you add the ‘.tga’ extension at the end(8). You must also select ‘TarGA image’ from the drop-down box (9). Then click ‘Export’ (10) and then ‘Export’ again on the RLE compression box.


Back in SL, to upload your new label, click ‘Build’ (11) and select ‘Upload > Image’ (12). If you’ve never uploaded an image to SL before be aware there is a L$10 fee to do this.


Navigate to the folder you saved your label in and click ‘Open’ and then ‘Upload’ on the little preview box.

Your new label should now appear in your inventory (13). Now right-click on your mixtape and select ‘Edit’ so that the edit box comes up. There, select the ‘Texture’ tab (14) and click on ‘Select face’ (15). You will see in the image below that some white circles and lines appear all over the mixtape.


These represent the various faces of the model, and we need to select the label face.  Do this by positioning your cursor on the white part of the label and left-clicking it.  You should now see all the white lines on the red part of the cassette disappear, with just one circle left in the middle, like this:


Now left click on your uploaded label and – whilst holding down the mouse button – drag it all the way over to the ‘Texture’ box (16).


And you’re done – your new label should now be displaying. You can also change the label on the other side of the cassette, if you wish.





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