New from HHAX: Blank tape


I don’t really regard myself in SL as a ‘content creator.’ My philosophy of building is simply to create from time-to-time items I would like to own myself. For some time, now, I’ve wanted to create a cassette tape in mesh, but my skills have not been up to the job. With the recent building projects I’ve been undertaking, however, my knowledge has slowly been growing, and this weekend I set about achieving this goal. And so, I’m delighted to announce the HHAX Compact Cassette.


I love cassettes, and in particular I love cassettes made for home recording. For most families back in the 70s this was the first affordable means of recording memories. My father was a devout creator of home recordings when I was a child and I must have a couple of hundred cassettes full of recordings that I’m slowly making my way through, turning them into MP3 files. Each one is a miniature treasure chest of audio memories. One minute, I’m hearing my three-year-old self in a conversation with my dad, the next minute, I’m listening to my grandmother talking about her day. I never know quite what to expect, except that I will be transported back to a world I thought I would never enter again. Home cassette recordings are best listened to with your eyes shut.


The HHAX Compact Cassette comes in black, grey, transparent green (because, for some reason, this was a popular colour back in the 70s) and plain transparent. You can remove the label by selecting its face and making it 100% transparent. You can also customise the labels: I’ve included them as downloadable textures to be modified, as well as a couple of blank labels if you don’t like the style provided.

Each cassette has a land impact of just 1 prim and the product costs L$79.

Get it from the Market Place here:



2 thoughts on “New from HHAX: Blank tape

  1. Mhm, fond memories of mixtapes. Every boy had to make those for the girl they “loved”. Fortunately my taste was “above and far ahead of the unwashed masses” and I had always the latest and greatest hits in my collection and made my own mixtapes. But I was so delighted when I could finally replace all those shitty tape thingies with MiniDiscs, which brought mixmaking to a whole new level, soundwise and technically. Even had an MD car stereo, since it saved a lot of space and one didn’t need to carry around the good CDs in the car. Nowadays all my music is stored on hard drives and USB sticks. Less romantic but o so practical.

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  2. @orcaflotta, I understand so fine what you said! But as you said too, “Less romantic…”

    So a smile is floating on my lips, reading this post, this opened nice drawers in my memory and I can feel the real pleasure it is for Mister Hax to listen to his family’s memories, he is such a lucky guy to have them! Its like discover gold nuggets! Have a great time and thank you for this sharing.

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