Launch party snapshots

AFK Party - IIIa
Image by Caitlin Tobias

Last night, at a launch party held at the Nancy Redgrave Building (the first major event held there), I pushed the publish button (okay, so I clicked it) on AFK, Awaiting and read the first few pages to the assembled audience. It was a great evening, and I’m indebted to Caitlin Tobias for organising everything and Lake Tower, our DJ (who played a sterling mix of top 80s tunes that could have come straight out of my own record – and yes, I do really mean record – collection).

Here are some pictures of the event – apologies if you do not feature, but I was only able to start taking pictures towards the end of the evening.

DJ Lake Tower outdid herself. Her tracks included hits by Erasure, Pet Shop Boys and the 1960s Batman theme.
Blogger and photographer Caitlin Tobias, who made the StoshChuckles Bar festive and dance-enabled.
AFK Launch Party - Skippy
Photographer Skippy Beresford took up residency at the Space Invaders machine and tried to beat my high score. Picture by Caitlin Tobias.
Arts blogger and photographer Kate Bergdorf, who defied the season and found a large daisy to chew on.
Fashion blogger and photographer Elemiah Choche danced by the pool table.
Photographer -K- Lynagh, a new friend, with whom I recently did a great photoshoot.
It was lovely to meet new fans also, such as Minverva Moon.
Thank you to everyone who came – I hope you enjoy the book!






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