Winter in Second Life

It’s been a while since I last filmed one of my moving postcards, so here’s a short moving greetings card to celebrate the holiday season: a few views of SL’s finest wintrified sims plus a tiny love story thrown in. You could cast it to your TV for cinematic enjoyment if you like, but my top tip would be to download it into a digital photoframe and display it like an actual greetings card. Just think about the post turkey dinner conversations that will inspire amongst your visiting relatives.

Make sure you watch – and listen – right until the very end.

Winter in SL was filmed at NorthStudio SkyeIASWAS – Groenland KangamiutNew BabbageOctavia and The Nancy Redgrave Building. Huck is wearing the very excellent suit and overcoat from Deadwool.

Update 18 Dec: The very excellent Strawberry Singh today issued one of her popular Second Life challenges to make a picture or video featuring winter in SL. Okay, so my post predates this challenge by a day, but we don’t want to quibble over details like that, do we? #SecondLifeChallenge

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