Free gift: The HHAX Atom 1


To celebrate my ten years of blogging – and, of course, Christmas – here is a free gift for you: The HHAX ATOM 1, my latest retro-futuristic building. Well, it will be free until the end of December.


The ATOM 1 is a low land impact (22 prims), three storey building for you to live in or rent out. It’s made from good old-fashioned prims: nothing special or high-tech. As with most of my builds it’s inspired by post-war, future-looking design.


Click here to grab the building from the marketplace:

Want to see it in SL?  For a short while, I have rezzed it above the Nancy Redgrave Building. Click here to go straight to the front entrance:

And why not take a look at my (very modest) marketplace store:

And, since we’re looking back, here is a blog I started up a few years back as a companion website to this one, focused on my builds and 70s retro. I haven’t updated it in three years, but, well, it’s lovely and orangey:

Enjoy your free building!

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