nancy old profile pica

December is also a month during which I remember one of my very first friends in SL, Nancy Redgrave. Nancy was the very first person to read my very first SL novel, AFK. Nancy died in December 2009. Since early 2011 I’ve maintained a public building over my land in Varano named ‘The Nancy Redgrave Building’ in her memory. You can visit the current incarnation of it here.

I wrote a little about the (rather amusing, if embarrassing at the time) circumstances of our meeting here.

I wrote the following farewell poem to Nancy in December 2009 (it’s one of about three sonnets I’ve ever written) and read it in voice at the first Blue Angel Poet’s Dive event following her passing, where Nancy had started attending before she became ill. There is still a picture of Nancy on display at the Blue Angel today and her challenge poem, ‘The Moment of Addiction’ can be found on page 38 of issue one of Blue Angel Landing.

The image above is a slight reworking of one of Nancy’s old profile pictures.


Still your profile greets me, still its words denote
your endless sense of Second Life amusement.
Still the real life section in it wryly quotes
your frequent sense of Alice-like bemusement.
Still our window opens with our last chat greyed;
When you told me you could not be long here stopping.
Still I see my farewell, blithely bade.
Still I read about your shopping. Shopping! SHOPPING!
Still your blog is packed with loved illusions,
and such tales as Aunts in Athens feeding birds.
In your journal’s final post, you suffered no delusions.

And now, you are gone, but…

still I have your thoughts, Nancy; still I have your words.

You leave us as the light of morning nears.
Your friends around the world share smiles and tears.

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