10 years of What the Huck?


December 2017 marks ten years since I started this blog. This handsome chap above is what I looked like in SL back then. Different times.

Ten years of a blog is worth at least a little celebration, right? Over the next month – here and on my Flickr – I’ll be highlighting some of what I consider to be my most noteworthy content from a decade of articles, poems, short stories, novels, photographs and other assorted bits and pieces. Think of it as a clip-show episode of a beloved TV sitcom: you sigh when you realise it’s just a rehash of old stuff, but you end up chuckling at all those classic moments just the same.

I’ll also at some point be upgrading the WordPress theme I use from ‘Apostrophe’ to ‘Apostrophe 2.’ Yes.

So stay tuned! Meanwhile, here is my very first post, published on 6 December 2007. In it, I promised, “I have no intention of serialising my dull thoughts about stuff across a sequence of web pages” – you may consider that promise well and truly broken.


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