Emergency response


Get the ticker crawling, we need
three connected headlines: The Thing
that happened, a quote from the Prime
Minister and an up-to-date number
on the dead.

Get someone out there NOW.
Stand them in front of some police tape.
Find me an articulate eyewitness we can re-run.
Find me some mobile footage to loop.
These are the angles I want:
the horror of The Thing;
the True Heroism of Some Rescuer People;
and, as early as possible,
details on Who We Can Blame.
I want names.
I want the things they should have done.
I want the questions we can ask
in an angry – no, outraged – tone of voice.
Be ready to interrupt any attempt to answer.
In no way will this be connected
to any policy we support.

Get me some harrowing pictures.
Find out what hashtags are being used.
I want memes prepared for Facebook.
Get ready to go 24/7, people.
No-one is going home today.
The nation is waiting on us
to make them feel connected.
In 3… 2… 1…


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