Crime scene

“Put your hands in the air and walk towards the road slowly.”

An animated GIF for you to enjoy: made with Gyazo and taken at The Hive.



  1. It was one of those days in Second Life, and my mood was not the best, as I strolled my sexywalk (*the best! use this one!*)(No Modify) along a partly rezzed Fifth Avenue. Perhaps it was the weather – the skies as grey as a newly logged avatar on Orientation Island… Oh, who am I trying to fool! The skies in Second Life are NEVER grey, but perhaps sometimes – reflecting an inner sense of disquiet – are slightly less cerulean than usual, the wind noise more intrusive, the clicky-clacky typing more teeth-edgingly irritating.

    Or maybe it was the 500 items missing from my inventory for the past week or so, including the new skin I had planned to wear to the party that evening? But even that probably wasn’t it. After all, we adore a new skin and look forward so much to wearing it, but there inevitably comes a day when we realise sadly that skins only look good when we zoom in on someone’s face.. briefly. (Let’s be honest, it takes less than 10 seconds to see just how UN-Johnny Depp-like or George Clooney-like that misnamed, over-optimistic, self-deluded avatar really is). As we zoom out, we realise that beyond about 2 metres even the most photorealistic skin has become a fairly unremarkable amorphous blob with few identifying features – not great for a girl’s confidence, I can tell you. Which is perhaps why I always go for dark eyeshadow and bright red lippy – they at least can be made out from further away, something I check and re-check with my camera several times a session. Not that I’m vain, you understand, but a girl needs to know she still looks good, even when the draw distance has been lowered.

    My mood was not enhanced by the knowledge I was on my way to see Desparation Rowe, Second Life’s premier private eye (or so it said on the business card I waited 5 patient minutes to rezz). Though I should make it clear, it wasn’t Desparation Rowe himself that gave me pause for thought – he was clearly, from the expression on his face in his profile picture, a man who had strong faith in his own powers of attraction and I was quite willing to put this to the test – rather, it was the matter I had to bring to his professional expertise….

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