HHAX Low Recliner


The HHax Low recliner: a serious chair for the serious thinker.

Whether it’s to read through lengthy business reports, enjoy a good novel, or just to think about what you’ve done, the HHax low recliner is the perfect chair for serious contemplation. Sturdily made from originally sourced textures, this 2 prim chair comes in orange and black and is pre-loaded with a relaxed sit for your convenience.


As an aside, this product features a new furniture cushion (used here for the orange/black parts) that I spent nearly all of last week making. Designed in prims and converted to mesh using the wonderful Mesh Studio, this started out as a precision-aligned construction of no fewer than 23 prims and ended up as a 0.5 LI mesh.


None of that will be of any interest to you, I’m sure, because it’s just a boring cuboid shape with rounded corners, right? For me, however, it was a major breakthrough. I might well bore you all further with a blog post about it.

Anyway, here’s the Marketplace link.


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