Poetry issues


I’ve had a number of poems accepted by SL publications over the last few months, with ‘City Boy‘ the latest of these and appearing in the current issue of Rez magazine. This, the October edition, is dedicated to Serene Bechir, a longstanding member of the Second Life poetry community who passed away in RL a few weeks ago. I didn’t know Serene as well as I wish now that I did, and it’s a sad irony that I last spoke to her a couple of days after our meeting up at the SL memorial for Stosh Quartz (who is honoured in the June issue). It was only a brief conversation, and Serene ended it sayng, “i need to jet . but i saw you online and thought .. dont let that time slip away dummy . . say hello!” I’m glad she did.


City Boy is one of my favourite poems of the last couple of years – I’m increasingly of the opinion that my short poems are my best – so I’m delighted it’s received this additional exposure. It’s especially interesting to see in a publication like this how the poem has been interpreted visually, with the city aspect rather than the countryside aspect accented here. For a similar reason, I always enjoy passing some of my poems to the host readers at ‘Sounds of Poems,’ a monthly event in Cookie that I’ve been attending on and off for several years now. A big thank you to Ixmal Supermarine and Leslye Writer this week for delivering great reads of ‘City Boy,’ ‘Bring Back the Seventies,’ ‘Extra Time‘ and ‘The things that make you cry don’t make me cry.’


Earlier in the year – in the August issue – I had another poem published in Rez, ‘That Word‘. If you read this poem on my blog earlier in the year and didn’t work out what the word is, it’s ‘terminal.’


Finally, I also had two poems published back in June in the debut issue of Quill and Pen, a new literary journal brought to us by what was formerly ‘Windlight Magazine’ and which now appears to have changed its name to ‘Kultivate Magazine’ (not entirely sure why… a Linden trademark issue perhaps?). The poems are ‘I will steal your pain‘ (I hate to grumble about a publication, but I was a bit disappointed to see this titled ‘I will still your pain’) and ‘Fade‘ (another of my favourite short poems).





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