Out this week: SIM


SIM, which I’ve been promising on and off for a few years now, has been pretty much done for several months. I’ve procrastinated a lot over releasing it because this is one of those projects I’ve been adding to and tweaking a lot since its first draft, never quite feeling that it’s completely and totally finished. It’s a very short novel at just shy of a hundred pages and nothing at all like any of my previous books. Though there is a strong virtual reality element.

What’s it about? Good question! Imagine waking up in a closed environment with no recollection of how you got there or what your life was like before that place. Imagine waking up there every day and not being certain whether the day you remember as ‘yesterday’ happened the day before or the month before or five minutes ago.

It’s sort of like that.

I published quietly the paperback on Lulu a few weeks ago so that it would have made its way through to Amazon by the time I published the Kindle version (and, hey presto, here it is). I’ll be sorting the Kindle and Issuu versions out over the coming days, so look out for a release soon.

A big thanks is due to Kate Bergdorf, who gave me some really valuable feedback on the book earlier in the year.



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