HHAX Desk Intercom


My building phase continues. Currently I’m in the process of replacing my public building with a fitted version of my six floor building.  One of the floors is going to be a shared writing space – perhaps somewhere for NaNoWriMo novellers to hang out this November – which just happens to look like a 70s office.  No judgement please: it scratches an itch, ok?


What I can buy from the marketplace I’m buying from the marketplace. You’ll be astonished no doubt to hear, however, that Second Life content creators have not yet collectively met the entirety of my mid-century design needs. So I’m having to make what I can’t buy.


Made with the wonderful Mesh Studio, this little desk intercom has a land impact of just one prim. I know we’re all becoming accustomed to such tiny numbers now, but it still seems like magic to me. The metal speaker grille is also bump-mapped, giving it a lovely finish in ultra graphics.

You can buy it here at a price of L$49.


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