Stosh SOP

Farewell, my beautiful Sounds of Poems co-host.

Big event.
Lots of other poets.
This poet enters.
This poet chuckles.
Other poets hear this poet’s chuckle. Oops.
Microphone left open again.
Other poets chuckle also. In text.
Other poets welcome this poet before
she has a chance to register on their radars. Happily.
Other poets pleased this poet is with them.
Other poets love this poet, her poems, her wisdom, her wit, her chuckle.
There’s a whole load of life-the-way-it’s-meant-to-feel
in that laugh. And
an understanding that life’s too short
to do anything other than celebrate.

Before she’s even started reading, other poets feeling happier. Glad they came.
This poet chuckles once more, gets ready to start and – oh dear –

(April 2010)

A lovely show for Stosh’s memorial event in SL 8 May 2016

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