Hope is a four letter word


is a four letter word
that we learned as children
meant our dreams could be heard.
That the world might not end,
that the nukes were absurd,
that the ‘truth’ was relative
and that ‘truth’ would get stirred
and spread across the globe
so that boundaries got blurred.
We thought hatred would be beaten
and the powerless heard.
is a four letter word,
and we kept on hoping
and the leaders concurred:
and the products got better
and the debts we incurred
were a small price to pay
if ‘progress’ occurred.
Or rather, ‘growth,’
which is a six letter word,
which means people getting rich
with ‘everyone’ inferred.
The future would be brought to us
by those the banks preferred.
And the world of peace got cancelled
and the flying cars deferred.
And the poor somehow got poorer
and cancer’s still not cured.
is just a four letter word.
Nothing’s really different
except Fear is now chauffeured:
for Fear is now the president
of everything that’s heard.
And ‘better’ is no longer
an inclusive word.
And ‘truth’ is now a product
sold to us, the mindless herd.
We will blame who we are told to
once the angry mob’s conferred.

And the fake past has been glorified.
And the future’s been interred.

But the world’s been painted weary
many times before, I’ve heard.
The young will always question
and push forward, undeterred.
Perhaps we were impatient,
those of us whose hearts were stirred
by Hope,
which is still
a glorious word.


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