Blue Angel Landing to return


It’s with enormous pleasure that I can reveal I’ve accepted an invitation to join the team of editors who will work on a brand new edition of Blue Angel Landing.

Blue Angel Landing was originally the idea of then Blue Angel Poets’ Dive proprietress Persephone Phoenix, a poetry journal showcasing the very best of the poetry written for and performed at the Blue Angel in its weekly Sunday night open mic. Perse and I worked together on issue 1 with Shara Levenque, publishing in July 2009 what I still regard as one of my finest contributions to SL culture. I worked subsequently in the first instance with Perse and Sarah Higley on issue 2, which took a lot longer  to complete. In the end, thanks to Grail Arnica and Taralyn Gravois, who joined the editing team, this volume was published in late 2012.  Both issues are available to read both as online Issuu publications and as print publications available from lulu (issue 1 here, issue 2 here).

BAL 1 and 2

For issue 3, announced on Saturday at an all-new Blue Angel website, I’ll be joining an editing team comprised of Grail Arnica, Hypatia Pickens and Adele Ward. According to the announcement, the issue will feature commissioned cover art by Janine Portal, who currently has two works on display at the Blue Angel; one of these – ‘One Man’s Folly’ – is shown above.  The issue will also feature a section on ekphrastic poetry (poems describing a work of art) and poets are invited to submit poems relating to Janine’s two pictures on display.  I find both images very compelling and their use of motion is particularly interesting; I’d try to describe that here, though that would be jumping the ekphrastic gun somewhat.

All other forms of poetry, of course, will also be considered.  If you would like to submit for issue 3, the deadline is 30 September so you have plenty of time.  Details can be found here.




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