I’ve come to see Kate Bergdorf’s exhibition of SL photography, “I want for you to be still” at Dathuil. This is Kate’s first ever exhibition of her SL pictures and the title of the exhibition is also the title of a 1924 poem by Pablo Neruda.


A notecard available from Kate via the poster at the entrance to the building goes into this: “With the works in this exhibit, I attempt to transmit emotion by using both words and images; each image corresponds to a sentence or words from the poem. An expression of silent love.” It is the last sentence of this which best sets for me the context of the exhibition. Silent love. I’ve always been struck by the sense of stillness and quiet in Kate’s pictures, snapshots of moments that likely contained no sound or movement, only space and light and thought. Somehow, her pictures also capture time.


The images are arranged so that the ground level pictures depict places and objects and scenes, whilst a mezzanine level above is dedicated to nudes. This is an exhibition which needs to be viewed late at night or early in the morning, and in silence.

A couple of practical issues: the exhibition is situated on the same site as ‘The Chamber’, a popular adult club; as such, the lag on the sim when I was there was noticeable and sometimes it took pictures a minute or more to rez. Additionally, the first LM I followed to the exhibition put me down at the main sim landing point, with no clear directions as to where the exhibition was: if this happens to you, you need to go right through the Chamber foyer to the other side of the building, exit it, turn right and head all the way to the far right corer of the sim.



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