New virtual world ‘Plundr’ promises shipwrecking instead of shopping


If, like me, you thought the best part of last year’s BBC rebooting of Cornish period drama Poldark was the social conscience (and pectoral muscles) of its key protagonist, you would apparently be wrong. In fact, viewer surveys have suggested that it was the murderous shipwrecking scene which drew the most interest from politcally desensitised audiences, with #outwreckin and #stolenrum trending nationally for several days following the brutal episode.

UK Virtual Worlds startup Vandelay VR considers this such a crucial piece of market research that they’ve based the entire world economy of their upcoming competitor to Project Sansar around the idea. Plundr will require residents to stock and furnish their cottages through the trade of spoils recovered from the beach after luring passing ships onto the treacherous north coast rocks. The leaked clip above of inworld footage shows that the company’s “Bch” graphics engine is pretty much complete. A crowdfunding project is in place to finance the final piece, which is getting the math right of floating corpses in the foaming waters: supporters pledging over $1,000 can look forward to receiving a barrel of rum with their complimentary copy. Nice.

More details here.


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