Today Huck is nine years old in Second Life. To celebrate, I had round some of his previous avatar outfits for an evolution party. Like most such parties, if I’d known at the onset just how much work it would entail, I’d probably not had bothered…

From left to right standing, we have: Huck aged one month, Huck aged one day, Huck’s 2008 makeover (by Scarlett), Huck in late 2007 and Huck in the mesh suit that served him from 2013 to just recently. Sitting, we have Huck circa 2011 on the floor next to Huck 2009-2010. On the far sofa is Huck aged two days old. Yes, I really did think he looked cool at the time.




  1. Thanks Caitlin! It was awkward at the end. 2 day old Huck went on and on about the good old days (like he saw more than a couple of weeks’ worth of them) long after the others had left. I think he was just there for the alcohol.

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