Escape for a few days


I am always keen to answer the call of Wagner James Au, in this case his request for more Second Life animated GIFs. I knocked together the little clip above using FRAPS to record the video (I captured at 60 FPS), Windows Movie Maker to top and tail the clip (and to slow it to half speed) and to crop and convert to GIF format. I used a fairly heavy compression ratio, creating a very lossy GIF, but actually I think the graininess works well here: it makes me think a little of 8mm film. It also reduced the overall file size from 23 to 10 MB, so that’s not bad.


Mesh head: Adam by Absolut Creation.
Suit: Peak Suit (Grey) by Deadwool.
AO: Quiet Man by TuTy.
Location: Kaleidoscope.
Car: F01BL-159GA by Anhelo.
House: Ziggy’s retreat by Junk.






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