Look behind you


You thought I was joking about the whole fashion thing? Think again. Well, maybe it was a little tongue-in-cheek, but Caitlin Tobias only went and sent me some free stuffs in the form of her new ‘Businessman’ poses. How could I resist?

You reckon a winter overcoat photo shoot is best suited for, well, winter, don’t you? Allow me to think outside your box, dear reader. Or perhaps I’m just extremely early. Or perhaps I know something about the summer to come that you don’t.

Either way, you have to admit I look important. Clearly I’m a man of great significance, with weighty matters to think about. People’s livelihoods depend on me. I probably have a briefcase in my hand, or if I don’t there’s a bloke behind me who I employ just to carry it. Then again, physical stuff these days is a sign of weakness: you can tell just by looking at me that my greatest asset is my head. But is my reputation one of calculated opportunism or do people talk in hushed tones about my single-minded focus?

Alternatively, am I a hit man?


Mesh head: Adam by Absolut Creation.
Suit: Peak Suit by Deadwool.
Overcoat: Oscar Coat by Deadwool.
Pose: Businessman II by Pose O’clock.





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