Nusquam: A moving postcard

For the third of my moving postcards, I returned to Nusquam.  This pretty sim has been much photographed and blogged about over the last week or so (Caitlin Tobias added her own beautiful pictures to this growing pile yesterday), and it’s often very busy with people walking across the fields or along the rail tracks or sitting at the end of the wooden jetty.

This time, I’ve added music, returning to Kevin Macleod’s wonderful free music archive (I used this also for my ‘What Second Life means to me‘ video). The dreamy piece I found there seems to fit the slow, open haze of Nusquam well.

The moving postcard series is primarily my way of moving forwards my machinima skills whilst exploring shooting methods and compositions that I think will work well within SL video. This is the first piece I’ve created since upgradeding my graphics card and I was keen to see what my recording framerates would be in ultra mode. The result – sometimes as high as 60 fps – is a staggering jump in performance compared to my old setup, though it’s not as obvious as I would like in the final edit, with sideways pans showing some jerkiness. Some of this (for example, the final pan along the jetty) was apparent when filming, so there isn’t much that can be done about that.  The initial pan across the field, however, was perfectly smooth in the original clip, so I need to work out what in my editing process is introducing that artifact.

But I’m pleased with the sequence presented, in particular the preservation of movements between shots (for example, the continuity of Huck’s walk across the field over two separate shots).



  1. Great work! This is lovely to watch, and the music fits so well.

    I would guess that the stuttering that is visible when panning is due to the discrepancy between the captured frame rate (which will be varying somewhat), and the frame rate of the final render to file. A higher frame rate to capture from during such sequences would be required to compensate, and the more stable the better…. That’s my thought anyway.

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