Why cutting costs costs

1. Make some people redundant.

Because you still have to meet your statutory responsibilities and now have less people to do it with:

2. Hire some agency staff.

(Yes, it’s the same people you just made redundant).
(Yes, you’re paying more for their services than you did previously).
(Yes, because they’re now working in an entirely reactive capacity – you only hire them when you absolutely have to and things are at crisis point – you no longer have staff to develop preventative ways of working; thus, more and more urgent cases get referred to you because there is no longer anything in between ‘managing’ and ‘melt down’ for people to turn to).

3. Hire some more agency staff.

4. Hire an expensive consultancy firm to find out where you could cut more costs.

5. On the advice of said firm, make redundant half of your admin team because staff should be able to do all that sort of thing for themselves in this day and age. Just give them some smartphones and they’ll be fine.

6. Lose personnel to agency firms as staff slowly realise that if they’re going to be expected to do everything for themselves then they might as well be paid better for it.

7. Hire some more agency staff.


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