I’ve decided it’s time I started doing fashion shoots. March 2016, after all, denotes the end of Huck’s ninth year in SL (31 March is my 9th rezzday, in case you decide I should be showered with gifts) and to have gone this long in the SL blogosphere without at least an occasional foray into the world of good looking is simply unacceptable. I mean, I worked for AVENUE for eighteen months and I still haven’t written a single word about hair styles.

Don’t be anxious, only good things can come out of this: shorter posts for one thing, which helps me out a lot and which has to be excellent news for you. Don’t lie. Just think of all those times those times that time you struggled through a thousand, two thousand, three thousand of my words, wondering when the hell or even if my point would ever be reached and exactly how it would hold value in polite SL conversation. You just knew it wouldn’t by the halfway mark, didn’t you, but you soldiered on to the end out of sheer cognitive dissonance alone, privately hating me with each additional word you forced into your eyeballs. See, this way we’ll get to like each other more.

Plus there’s all the things that fashion bloggers get sent for nothing, right?  Right? You may commence the sending of the free stuffs to me now, content creators. You can be certain I will fulfil my duty if I like it and take a pretty picture of your thing and provide a link to your main store SLURL. I’ve noticed most fashion blogs these days don’t even write anything about their featured products: that’s my kind of review.

Additionally, I get to spend more time taking pictures showing off a) me and b) my gear. (a) Is important because it becomes a professional excuse for me to fawn over my utter loveliness without in any way becoming narcissistic. After nine years of trying to be known for my words and ideas, I figure it’s about time I prioritised my appearance for a bit. I might even learn skills along the way, like how to use alpha HUDs or how to affix hands and feet that don’t look like they’ve been roughly sculpted out of potato. (b) Is important because the number of house guests I’ve achieved at my skybox over the last year is precisely three; I kind of want people to know what awesome taste I have, but I don’t really want to have to become social in order to achieve this.

And more pictures of me means more pictures to post on my Flickr. I post plenty of pictures already on Flickr, but they require me to go visit places and find interesting viewpoints and compositions. Too much effort. Fashion stuff I can just shoot at my place. In any case, it’s avatars that make popular Flickr photos, not artsy pictures of locations. Specifically, it’s avatars wearing not much clothing, although that does seem to apply more to female residents. Here I can dare to be a pioneer, and if the letter-writing campaign gets too vitriolic I can either cover up offending detail in tastefully placed shadows or just get a female avatar.

Hell, it’s also finally an excuse to go shopping for poses. I don’t know what the market is like for male poses today, but I’m hoping for things along the lines of ‘Huck contemplates a spot three feet in front of him’ and ‘Huck taps his fingers on the desk impatiently whilst waiting for his latest book to upload’ and ‘Huck chuckles knowingly at the style of concrete architecture’ as well as old favourites such as ‘Huck gives the finger’.

Trust me: this is all going to work out just fine.

Oh yes, the Credits:

Sofa: The Lennox Sofa (black) by The Loft.
Jukebox: Mini Music II Jukebox by Seven Emporium.
Skybox: Lambarte by Fanatik.

Mesh head: Adam by Absolut Creation.
Pants: The Dandy (pinstrip blue) by Deadwool.
Shirt: Hugo (taupe) by Deadwool.
Skin: Cruz by Redgrave.
AO: Quiet Man by TuTy.

How will my fashion posts be different? Well, I’ll start by writing stuff below the credits. You weren’t expecting that now were you?




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