Maybe not today


Apparently only until the end of February, Sommer Shepherd and TracyLynne Carpenter have recreated a number of locations from Casablanca, including the airport and Rick’s Café Américain.


I first saw Casablanca when I was at university. I watched it with my housemates. At the end of it, one of them commented that she thought it was ok, but that it had an awful lot of clichés in it…


The build includes detailed interiors; for me, the most striking element is the street outside, best viewed in a high contrast, midday light.


If you have the time and if you love the movie, go see this build. You’ll regret it if you don’t.  Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow – well, you know the rest.


Thanks to Hamlet for the pointer.


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  1. I visited this a day or so ago and it is simply stunning! Well worth a visit. So sad that incredible builds such as this come and go with the proper accolades–thanks Huck, for shining some light on the creators marvelous Casablanca!

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