Coming soon… Amazing Metaverse


I’m currently putting the very final touches on my first ever collection of short stories. Amazing Metaverse will be published in the next few days and will contain twelve of my short stories written over the last nine years, including all six ‘Hard Luck’ stories written to date and all five ‘Avatar dining club’ stories.

To make this a bit more fun I’ve presented the entire collection as a pulp publication, a style I’ve become an adoring admirer of over the last few years. As well as the front cover design above – created with Kate Bergdorf – there are black and white illustrations for every story, plus a few extra its and pieces thrown in.

contents final

I’ll be releasing the collection in the first instance as a free Issuu publication, with a 58 page (30,000 words) paperback version nearly ready for release also. I’ve kept the price down as far as I can on the paperback version for those who would like to own a physical copy, though Amazon’s discount policy has pushed it back up a little (you either price it cheap on Lulu, where only Lulu customers can see it, or you go for wider distribution and the price has to be hiked up so that Amazon can claim their huge discount); it’s £3.99 in the UK (so I suppose about $6 in the US), which makes me 40p per copy sold.


There will also be a Kindle version, though this will not feature the same layout as the print and Issuu versions. This will be priced at my usual Kindle price.

Watch this space for the release; I hope you enjoy flipping through whichever version appeals to you most!

UPDATE: Kate Bergdorf has run a little interview feature on the publication here.



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