The 25th tweet

Stephen Fry made a joke about someone on the telly.
According to the BBC, lots of people complained on Twitter.
Although the only actual example they gave was of Sarah.
Her 25th ever tweet.

Anyway, Stephen quit Twitter.
Everyone rounded on Sarah, telling her:
Grow up, miseryguts. Lighten up. Get a grip.
Get yourself a sense of humour.
Learn to take a joke, love. FFS.
You endanger free speech with your comments.
How dare you express your opinion
to your eight followers?

These are the people who apparently understand
that it’s damaging to gang up on someone.
Anyway, now Sarah’s quit Twitter as well.

In other news today,
mental health care in the UK is failing most people.
Because, you see, it’s up to hospitals to sort out
depression and social anxiety.
It’s nothing to do with us and our behaviour.
Nothing whatsoever at all.



  1. This is an good post, but the link about what Sarah Twitted misdirects to the BBC article about what Stephen Fry said. I was hoping to see what Sarah said. I’m not familiar with Stephen Frey, but I understand the problem with hurtful drive-by Tweets.

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  2. I don’t think Stephen Fry’s remark was especially bullying – it was a joke made in the context of an evening where he’s paid to make jokes – but both Sarah and (subsequently) Wendy were perfectly within their rights to express an opinion about it – and they both did so articulately (I would be amazed to hear that it was specifically their tweets that got Fry so upset; I’m imagining there were lots of other much more vitriolic and/or coarsely written tweets that the BBC chose not to link to – expressing an opinion calmly can hardly be what Fry has since referred to as the 1 per cent turds in the swimming pool of Twitter, or at least I really hope it isn’t). So the only bullying that I could personally see was that of so-called supporters ganging up on these coupe of Twitter users, behaving towards them in a far worse manner than either of them had actually behaved towards Fry.


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