New Babbage: A moving postcard

For the second of my ‘moving postcards,’ I went back to New Babbage to film around the central station. You can see quite clearly in several places that my graphics card is struggling to keep things smooth, but I wanted to try out the Space Navigator I’ve had for about the last four years and never got round to using. I’m not ordinarily a fan of excessive zooming and panning in machinima, however I’ve used a number of movement techniques here, including a mouse manipulation made smooth by Firestorm’s wonderful filming tools. Enjoy!



  1. A superb piece of work.
    I was so engrossed in the scenes that I didn’t even register any hiccups there may have been graphics-wise.
    The background sounds were great apart from the sharp cut-off of the street organ music – I personally found that was a little jarring.

    But really …….I have nothing but awe for your abilities in making machinima. More please :)

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  2. Wow – thank you, Boudicca! Still very much a beginner, but hoping to improve.

    Listen carefully to that organ cut-off… you should hear that it does actually continue, albeit at a much lower volume to reflect the camera viewpoint being suddenly further away. Getting that right was actually the thing I spent the most time on!


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