Why are people still selling stuff in boxes? Why, for the love of all that’s holy, are people still selling stuff in boxes? Why? What is the reason for this? There has to be a reason, right? No-one would go to the trouble of spending hours and hours and hours, painstakingly creating new content, taking the publicity shots, uploading to the marketplace, creating their own inworld store, even, and then not spend a few minutes thinking about how to not completely piss off their customers. No-one would do that, would they?

Surely there’s something I’m missing. There has to be a reason. When I created my marketplace store and simply uploaded items into a folder so they’d be delivered direct to my customer, “unpacked and ready to use… no land or sandbox required” there must have been some piece of insider knowledge I was blissfully, naïvely unaware of. There must have been some wisdom written down somewhere dictating it’s imperative that all customers who have just bought an item of clothing or an accessory from your web store go home in order to put it on. Perhaps it’s a rule; perhaps it’s nothing less than a commandment: “Thou shalt not permit thy customers the simple luxury of buying something from your store and actually fucking wearing it when it gets to them.” It must be carved in stone below that other holy dictate: “Thou shalt not permit thy customers to wear what they have bought before leaving the store – even if it’s a demo item.” Oh yes, there are shops that are still sending customers home to put on a demo item. “You’re interested in this item, Sir?  You’d like to try it out?  Certainly, Sir. Please take this demo version with our compliments and fuck off out of our shop with it. Have a nice day!” Why, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, are people still selling stuff in boxes? I mean, it’s more work to sell stuff in boxes. Sellers actually have to do stuff they wouldn’t have to do if they just sold it in folders.

Don’t you come near me with that whole 42 item argument. Yes, I do know there’s a limit on the number of items that can be sent in a folder; yes, I do know that no such limit exits for items sent in a prim. If that were the determining factor, though, then I could reasonably expect any sale consisting of less than 43 items to be delivered to me in a folder, right? Right? Well guess what, Bucko?  They don’t. The last item I bought was a jacket: 25 items, delivered in a box. The last item before that a pair of pants: 10 items, delivered in a box. For both items I had to go home to rez the demo versions, because they were delivered in a box. WHY ARE PEOPLE STILL SELLING STUFF IN BOXES?!

I’ll tell you why I think sellers are still using boxes. I think sellers are still using boxes because they’re vain. I think sellers are still using boxes because they think they’re some sort of essential brand experience, like a fancy carrier bag from a fashionable shop in real life. It’s not enough that their item comes pre-packaged with a pretty picture of the store, a notecard about it and a landmark to bring you back, they have to stuff a box with the store logo on it into your living room as well. Perhaps they’re hopeful you’ll keep it there, so impressed with their sheer packaging artistry that you’ll just have to find a permanent place for it on a shelf somewhere. I mean, they’re not even always actually boxes these days, are they? Stuff these days gets delivered in all manner of decorative mesh. They’re practically sculptures in their own right, free items thrown in for customers to treasure. Who would complain about a free item?! Miserable, left-wing, glass-permanently-half-empty bastards, that’s who! Fuck ’em!

We do want Second Life and Sansar to succeed, right? We do want new people to be attracted to the metaverse and find shopping in it a straightforward experience that maps onto their understanding of buying things in RL rather than something that thoroughly confuses and alienates them, don’t we? We are agreed that this would be of benefit to everyone, yes? We are? THEN STOP SELLING STUFF IN BOXES. 

That fd bag with the magazines and the drink and the perfume and the macaroons is pretty cool though…




  1. I like boxed content because it allows me to keep my inventory tidy instead of a messy heap of folders. Seriously, creators of SL, if you want my love, box in neat (no 86 LI) boxes/bags that deliver on touch.

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  2. I’m with Grazia on this. Content packaged in an ‘add-able’ object that can be touched with mouse click or worn as a HUD and touched with mouse click, to deliver the content in a folder to my inventory is *the* way to package content for resale. The leaves me the original packaging to put into a storage box for retrieval in the event I delete or lose the item from inventory, or decide to switch from mesh body to system avatar or to another mesh body– with the original package safely tucked into a storage box, I can re-rez, click to copy to inventory and retrieve the mesh size I need, deleting all others.

    Don’t get me started on No Copy clothing though. That’s my “WTF are they thinking” trigger and I pass right on by.

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  3. I don’t mind boxes. I keep them, instead of folders (much like Gtazia I guess). The only thing that annoys me is that I never know upfront whether to : wear, add or rezz a package.
    After all these years, I still manage to wear huge posters and boxes on my avatar in a store, and rezz scripted shopping-bags at home that I should have worn…Oh well.

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  4. Great comments, all, except you’re all seasoned shoppers that understand all this stuff. It’s still a bonkers system if you’re new. Bags that automatically deliver a content folder as soon as you wear them I’d be just about willing to accept, except – as you say, Caitlin – I inevitably end up ‘wearing’ instead of ‘adding’ them, and then the bag appears in my hand at the same moment as my pants disappear. Wonderful.

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  5. When SL is being SL, I can just go find the box and unpack a new folder of something. Sometimes I forget to make a copy before modding, sometimes SL eats stuff. Not all stores have re-delivery, or keep records for years and years, or have CS available RIGHT NOW. If I wanna sort and know I already have it boxed, I can just delete the folder, but still keep the box (less work for me).

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  6. For new users, delivering items in a folder is definitely the way to go. Boxes have their uses & charms though.

    I enjoy seeing the creative packaging and hold animations some creators use. But in this case, I prefer the package to open automatically into a folder if possible. If I can wear rather than rez a package, I don’t have to go home to open it, but can still box up backup packages for storage.

    Another bonus with a box, is that I can look inside and pull out just the pieces I want. This comes in handy when there are LMs or notecards in each package and I don’t want multiple copies of these. It’s also good when I mess up a piece by modifying it or change my mind about which size of mesh clothing I want.

    One of my own pet peeves is that creators should include pictures of their items. (They usually have one for the vendor, so why not give the customer a copy?) Another is that when they make mesh clothing Do Not let your clothes attach to the right hand unless it belongs there. It takes one small step to make mesh clothing attach to an appropriate body part. When the creator fails to do this, the customer risks having their clothes come off when they pick up or wear something else.

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