NaNoWriMo 2015 is Go! And here are some freebies

Ready to write a novel?  Of course you’re not.  That’s the beauty of National Novel Writing Month: you’re going to do it anyway.  Here are a few free things from me to help you along:

  • I’ve just added 27 new photos to my free novel covers album at Flickr (including the header image above and the sample covers below), bringing the total now to over 60.  That’s not going the help you get the novel written, of course; though I’m a big believer in high expectations being part of the secret of NaNo success – and one of those expectations should be to publish.  If you do that then you’re going to need a cover.
  • If that strikes you as useful advice, you might like to read my article from 2013 Five Tips on Writing a NaNoWriMo.  Don’t forget also to consult these wise words from Isaac Asimov on turning off that pesky ‘Inner Editor.’
  • And whatever you do, don’t be without my free Progress Tool, an Excel spread sheet with everything you need for NaNo stats.

Good luck, fellow novelists!

covers 2015



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