The obligatory smiley

(I’ve just realised I’ve a whole bunch of poems written since ‘Old friend, learn to look behind you in the coffee queue‘ that have only had a once-or-twice airing in voice.  My blog’s new format lends itself well to verse, so I’m going to get the best of these up here over the next few weeks.)

The obligatory smiley.
It has to be added at the end.
Otherwise, I’ll get asked, “What’s wrong?”
And I’ll have to say, “nothing.”
If I don’t, I’ll have to sit through justifications
and I’ll end up saying, “I understand.”
And you’ll then say something with a lol, considering the air cleared.
And I will too, because I won’t want to seem unreasonable.
Better to get it over with.
Better a cheerful smile, from the start
and a lie that I can say to myself
was just a lie.

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