What Second Life means to me

Here’s my contribution to Xiola Linden’s video share request.

49 thoughts on “What Second Life means to me

  1. That is my first life. My second life is cleaning my apartment and shopping and doing all those damned necessary useful routines that make my first life possible.

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  2. I watched this twice too. So beautifully captured. I look for inspiration wherever I travel, online and in our world. You inspired some random thoughts. Greatness begins with a random idea, do you agree? What we bring to life with our own unique skills, makes all the difference.

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  3. I am still in awe of having randomly found this. It’s beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing, Huckleberry Hax. I believe we crossed paths at some point… Always and forever inspiring! x Rosemary Serenity :)

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  4. Second life will be like a second chance for me!!
    Well when you think about this post (after reading) only one word comes to your mind AWESOME!!!!!


  5. My goodness – I left 2nd Life years ago because it became so lonely for me. I would roam the halls of the dance clubs to find someone to talk to but never found real conversation. Maybe I should go back now and try again. Your lovely video makes me want to explore the beauty and grandeur of new worlds.

    Plus it is time to see if the discussion boards are active with US politics like they were during the Obama election and the Iraq War… or has it just gone forever… guess I best return to see. Thank you

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