The Second Life® Dictionary of Virtual Experience: Avatar animation


My first foray into creating new words to describe the various Second Life experiences we’ve all shared but have no common nomenclature for their discussion earned me my biggest ever number of page views in 24 hours.  Perhaps you all have a hunger for a vocabulary which liberates your inner desire to express your virtual world existence; perhaps you just thought they were funny.

Whichever it was, this SL resident isn’t too proud to leave any momentary bubble of internet popularity unmilked, and I’m certainly no stranger to exploring the law of diminishing returns through a series of sequels.  Here, then, is a second collection of words.  This week, the focus is on avatar animation.

Anijection The act of immediately ejecting out of an animation the instant it is entered.  An example might be sitting on what looks like a spare spot on a sofa only for your avatar and the sofa’s other occupant (usually a stranger) to move into a lover’s passionate embrace.  See also Paniclicking.

Awkwait The period of uneasy silence in which it’s acceptable for your companion to have chosen a way too intimate dance on the grounds that they might be aware of their error and attempting to correct it.  Varies in length from person to person, but twenty seconds is an absolute maximum (following which, action must be taken).

Buttoncurity The artistry of choosing menu button names which in no way represent the animation they denote.

Discranimation Taking an instant disliking to a person solely on the basis of some aspect of their animation overrider. Example: “I hate that guy.  He walks weird.”

Disitisfaction The unhappiness resulting from settling for a chair’s sit pose which isn’t how you would sit on it if you encountered it in real life.

Halfswas The style of sit most newbie avatars appear to adopt when sitting on something that’s not a seat.  Resembles half a swastika.

Incongrucoital Lengthy, detailed sex emotes which specifically refer to a position just changed for a different one by your partner (usually at the very instant you hit the enter key).

Intangious The smug sense of god-like genius one experiences having spotted and operated an Intan dance system from the other side of a region.  It’s as though you’ve made the balls appear by magic.

Lindenhop The act of cycling through dance animations rapidly until something suitable is found.  Usually accompanied by Lindenhopchat, a sequence of short, out of character comments such as “oops,” “oh dear” and “I don’t think so,” just to reassure the other person that this period of switching will not go on all evening.  A Lindenhop of more than five selections is considered triesome, whilst a zero lindenhop (ie, taking the first choice) can be considered very impressive.  It’s important, however, that the partner understands such first choices to be definite rather than random luck or not giving a stuff about which dance gets chosen; a zero lindenhop, therefore, is often accompanied by lindenhopchat such as, “my favourite” or “I love this dance,” just to make sure your partner thinks you are awesome.

Menutage The process whereby you click on a dance system, wait for the menu, wait for the menu some more, click again, get two menus instead of one, make your selection on the first and then return your avatar immediately back to a stationary state by clicking ignore on the second.  Correct usage in conversation: “I just got menutaged.”

nAOtification Any message to an avatar to deactivate their AO.  Since such messages amongst friends typically consist of just, “AO”, this term has the inrteresting quality that it’s over six times longer than the actual act it represents.  Watch out for questions about this one in pub quizzes.

Odderrider An apparently ordinary animation overrider which you later discover has one element completely and inexplicably at odds with every other detail.  For example, a run which incorporates forward rolls.  Not made up.

Paniclicking The emergency menu clicking that ensues following any extremely bad choice on a couples animation menu, for example when what looked like a pleasant foxtrot turns out to be a hardcore sex animation.

Syncobsessor A dance partner who just has to resync every 30 seconds.

Tangfantasy Momentarily fooling yourself that your smooth dance moves extend to real life ability.

Viomation Any singles dance which has such a wide radius of operation it causes you to physically enter the body of another nearby dancer.

A hat tip to Kat Feldragonne, by the way; her SL Dance Dictionary, inspired by my previous post, beat me to this topic and offers fifteen more dance-related words.

7 thoughts on “The Second Life® Dictionary of Virtual Experience: Avatar animation

  1. Phantimation – when your AO stand animation apparently allows you to pass through solid objects
    Aniplasty – unfortunate process whereby a couples sit animation surgically grafts your hand onto your partner’s sternum or causes your lower leg to grow out of their thigh
    Crapimation – a chair or ground sit that makes you look like you are taking a particularly painful shit
    Wigcercise – an unfortunate lag effect where your hair follows you down the street about a metre behind your head, making it look as though it is a pet you are taking for a walk
    Onanimation – a laid back sit animation, e.g. on a bean-bag, where your hands rest on your lap but move just enough to make it look like you are having a wank
    Shutterbug – the tendency for any screen capture to happen the exact moment your avi closes its eyes
    Wrexit – failure to leave a room because the door opens towards you without going phantom and bats you out of the way

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  2. Grinning at “Disitisfaction”! I use Firestorm’s built-in AO which I *think* is supposed to allow to override chair animations, but I’ve never once gotten it to work. Some of the poses are so wildly awkward and uncomfortable looking! So please allow me to contribute:

    Sitwisted – Describes a sitting pose or animation that causes impressive body contortion and/or limb fusion, often wreaking havoc on attachments. See: Primputation

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