The Second Life® Dictionary of Virtual Experience: Inventory


One of my favourite dip-in books is Douglas Adams’ and John Lloyd’s ‘The Meaning of Liff’.  This wonderful little book puts UK place names to work describing things which currently have no word for them in the English language.  Examples of this include ‘Ible,’ defined as ‘clever but lazy’ and ‘Scramoge,’ defined as ‘to cut oneself whilst licking envelopes’.

It occurs to me that, as virtual world living appears set to become a more mainstream phenomena, it’s perhaps time we started defining some of the more familiar metaverse experiences so that future generations can benefit from an established lexicon when struggling to come to terms with life in prims and pixels.  After all, what point is there in being a pioneer if you don’t pass forward all this learning in some way?  It’s a process I in fact already started several years ago when – as no doubt you are already aware – I coined the term, ‘fatal crosspost’.

In the first of a possible occasional series of themed articles, therefore, I humbly present a new vocabulary of virtual world words and phrases.  This week, the focus is on inventory.

Boxoarding The habit of saving all the pretty bags and boxes stuff comes in, thinking they might come in useful some day as decoration.

Chaosinveneptance The moment of formally giving up on the idea of an organised inventory.

Dislibrientation The period of time during which you believe your entire inventory appears to have been replaced with someone else’s before realising you’re looking through the library folder.

Droplosting A complicated, yet devastating error which occurs when you’re trying to move an item from one folder to another and lose the mouse-hold at some point in between, thereby losing the item and having to look for it in every fucking folder.

Foundstasy The unexpected joy of guessing correctly on the very first go the name of an old item using the inventory search box.

Nonmeshicide The act of purging your inventory of all non-mesh clothing.

Objephobia An avoidance of searching for self-created items in inventory out of a fear that you did not rename them from ‘object’.

Ontolinveniety Existential angst over the understanding that there is no such thing as ‘your’ inventory.

Outfipheny The moment you realise the time you will save by creating outfit folders.

Phalusorrow The depression which follows a long hunt for your prim penis.  If you have to search for it, it’s clearly not being used very often.

Plingfury The anger experienced when a lengthy inventory search finally reveals that your desired item’s name is exactly the same as your original search text only with an exclamation mark at the beginning.

Plingineering Trying to work out, through trial and error naming, which combination of non-alphanumeric characters will move a folder up to the top of your inventory.

Ranpicturing The act of dropping a photo you took at a party on a complete stranger because their dance animation happened to bring them between you and the person you actually wanted to give it to at the exact moment you released the mouse button.

Skinmalaise The sense of depression that ensues on realisation that the purchase of a new skin will require editing all of your outfit folders.

Termininvent An aborted attempt at organising your inventory.  This word can be prefixed, with supertermininvent referring to an attempt which failed after no more than ten folders were tidied up and megatermininvent referring to one which failed the instant the inventory window was opened.

Vendritation The anger experienced towards a creator for not naming their items more obviously.

Can you expand on my lexicon?  Your comments and suggestions below are warmly invited.

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34 thoughts on “The Second Life® Dictionary of Virtual Experience: Inventory

  1. Disventory – that part of your inventory where you keep ghastly flexi-prim outfits and prim-heavy furniture that you know you are never going to use again, but can’t bring yourself to actually discard.
    Misventory – any item in your inventory that you really wish you hadn’t purchased and hope nobody ever knows you did
    Avirice – the insatiable greed for more avatars, AOs etc
    Noutfit – items of clothing that still show bits of skin in unfortunate places, no matter how much you play with the alphas, edit your neck size etc
    Doubtfit – clothing that causes other people to question your sanity when you actually go out in public wearing it
    Newtral zone – information that is unreachable because it is still titled New Note
    Portaphobia – fear that a teleport may dump you in some region of unformed space or a “welcome zone”

    Nathaniel, aka benbold resident

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  2. Serial droploster, suffering from objephobia here. Here’s one:

    Primbarassment: When you attempt to quickly remove all of your objects from one parcel to another, only to realize that you now have a prim cluster (usually named “object”) that is too big to rez on the new parcel, and now have to suffer the public humiliation of rezzing and sorting through the whole mess in a sandbox.

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  3. After just having spent approximately a month sorting my inventory, I think I’ve done almost every one of these. :-P To save yourself from ‘plingineering’ – there is an ASCII sort table that tells you what order non-alphabet characters will sort to the top (the ! is #1). :-)
    Douboxing: the act of boxing your boxes to save inventory space
    Nostalboxoarding: boxing up items with sentimental value that you can’t bring yourself to delete, even though they are so horrible/old you will never wear/rez/look at them again.

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  4. “Objephobia, An avoidance of searching for self-created items in inventory out of a fear that you did not rename them from ‘object’”, actually derives naturally from Objephany, the realization that the reason you can’t find any of your self-created objects is because you neglected to rename them from ‘object’.

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  5. The term “droplosting” reminds me of my own (of course absolutely humble) name creation, “mousesneeze”.

    What does “mousesneeze” mean, you ask? Well, I’m glad you make that question!
    It’s a generic verb that refers to the action of suddenly sneezing when you’re dragging something (sorting inventory, dropping scripts on prims, moving prims, etc.) … and all the possible chaos that will derive from it.

    (Fun post :-) )

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    1. ‘Mousesneeze droplosting’ sounds like the title of a poem. I like it!

      Reflecting on these comments, it occurs to me that Droplosting could potentially be expanded into a more generic term. I’m reminded of a time I was attempting to drop a photo onto a prim (I think a picture in a frame) and droplost it halfway there. The result was my entire house was then textured in that picture. Such fun.


  6. Reblogged this on Around the Grid and commented:
    This is too good not to share; I’ve been through some of this, and I’ve only (!!!) managed to accumulate some 40,000 pieces of inventory (including Library). Then again, I’ve never opened up all of my boxes and bags….

    (Running screaming into the night!)

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    1. Or how about this: Foldcursion – the endless nestling of folders within folders, such that a journey from the root folder to any individual item can take several hours and require a wizard and a hobbit for company.


  7. Douboxing is good, similarly Matryoshkaboxing is when vendors sell one item with options in more boxes, then paints in other boxes within them, and then textures in more boxes within them again etc. Its infuriating.

    Great article Huck :)

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  8. Oh bless, Huck – you’ve really hit the nail on the head with these. So funny!

    I’m terribly guilty of Boxoarding, which is further nonsensical because I don’t own a home or parcel where I’d ever have the wherewithal to rez the silly things. And I am eagerly looking forward to my Outfipheny! I think I must be the only person in the SLuniverse to have never realized the wonders of making Outfit folders. One of these days! :)

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