Second Life sex versus Real Life sex – Survey Results

I’ve never before reblogged anything, but for Canary Beck’s survey into Second Life sex versus RL sex I’m going to make an eager exception. It’s an exciting read, not least for the positive and life-affirming narrative through which Becky presents a subject so often covered so negatively:

“When are we going to grow up and accept the fact that sex is a healthy part of an adult’s life? When are we going to stop judging where and how we have sex, and start trying to understand why so many people enjoy it? When are we going to stop throwing stones in glass houses as we ridicule others of whom’s lives we know nothing about? When are we going to stop denying our basic human needs and desires, associating sex – virtual or otherwise – with deviance and perversion, or pretending as if sex is something other people do?

“Second Life is great in part because it allows for the opportunity for sexual freedom, expression and enjoyment. Perhaps instead of denying that fact, we should consider not only living with it, studying it, and even embracing it.”

Well said, Becky.

Canary Beck

Annunciation “Annunciation” by Freya Merryman. Click the image to visit the original on Flickr.

As promised, I’ve summarised the responses to my Second Life Sex Survey and the results are surprising in several ways. To my knowledge, there are relatively few quantitative studies in the field of Second Life sexual behaviour, but I’m hoping there will be more.

The only published study I was able to find was published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior (Craft, 2012). Entitled A Qualitative Exploration of Sex and Relationships in the Virtual World of Second Lifethe author shares results of a web-based survey that received 235 responses (Gilbert, Gonzalez and Murphy, 2011).

The author concluded that the “interest and experience of different sexual practices supported findings by other researchers that online environments facilitated access, but also indicated that interest in certain sexual practices could differ between offline and online environments.”

My findings are very similar.

In addition to…

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  1. oh boy – I missed that hot topic!! lol! Speaking as a somewhat scrutinizing and/or introspective person- and a mom (in real life) I think I have a few reservations surrounding the concept. Someone has to disagree after all! It’s so easy to get caught up in a fantasy world and though yes, I agree with healthy expression and of course vive l’amour(!!)- I ‘m not sure how healthy the so called “freedom” of virtual sex in all it’s forms actually is psychologically( or spiritually). I’m all for artistic expression though!! ( just my two cents woo hoo!) :D

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