ISBN matters

As some of you may know, print versions of my books are available from (see my author page here).  Lulu is a great service and well-priced for paperbacks, however you have to have a account in order to order from it.  It’s free, but we all hate having to register for yet another web service, right?

I experimented with adding an ISBN to some of my paperbacks a few years ago via a service that lulu offered.  In theory, this made them available on Amazon; in practice, when they did make it into Amazon listings, it was at wildly inflated prices.  In the end, I got fed up with seeing this and removed them.

The lulu ISBN service appears to have been fixed now, however.  I decided to give it a try on my latest book, ‘Second Life is a place we visit’ and – lo and behold – it’s recently appeared on Amazon at exactly the price I set.  Take a look at the listing here.

So you can now purchase a paperback copy of this title direct from Amazon.  In the coming months, I’ll be converting all my other paperback titles so that they too appear in this way.  Incidentally, this will mean a price increase (Amazon demands a huge discount, so the price has to be adjusted upwards otherwise I’d get no royalties), so if you are after a print copy at the current price, grab it from Lulu whilst you can.

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