Live reading: Second Life is a place we visit


I’ll be reading in voice from my latest book, ‘Second Life is a place we visit’ on Thursday 23 April at 3pm SLT at Harvey’s Bar, Basilique.  Come join me for this free event in a stunning sim.  I will read two chapters from the book – the title chapter and  ‘Fatal Crosspost’ (one of my personal favourites in which I explore the experience of accidentally writing something bad abut someone in their IM window by mistake – be prepared to shudder).


Many thanks to everyone who turned up.  We had a good showing and it was particularly nice that several listeners stayed on after the reading to chat and ask questions.




  1. […] I’ve changed and so has Second Life. Without denying the fascination I have had with the psychological concept, morality and imagination of virtual worlds I have no desire to live my dreams in the metaverse anymore but as Huckleberry Hax, a prolific SL novelist who has a wonderful grasp on the darker psychological side of the virtual world wrote, it is a place I sometimes visit. (Second Life is a Place We Visit) […]

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