Free novel covers for NaNoWriMo and indie authors

For a while now I’ve been building up a small collection of photographs I think might make good backgrounds for a novel cover.  I thought I’d share some of these today.

If you are an indie author – and most especially if you’re publishing your NaNoWriMo novel – please feel free to use any of the images below for your cover.  You may alter them as you please.  In return, please attribute me in your novel (a line like, “Cover photography by” would be perfect).  You do not need to let me know that you have used one of my photographs, but it would be nice if you did – and if you did so as a comment below then you’d also be getting a bit of free publicity for your novel (feel free to include a link to the book on Amazon or elsewhere).

Just one limitation: you may not use any of these images for the cover of any writing which promotes any form of discrimination or prejudice against any group of people.

The covers can be downloaded from Flickr here.


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