Ticking off the To-Dos


I’m working my way gradually through my list of 2014 stuff to get done from this post.

‘AFK, Indefinitely’ is now released and has had its first – five star – review on Amazon.com (which I’m very grateful for).

I also launched (quietly) last month my new website for my ‘HHax’ range of 60s and 70s furniture and electricals, which you can visit via the new ‘HHax’ tab in the menu bar of this page. In addition to product-related posts, I plan on flooding this with associated memorabilia (advertisements, brochures, photographs, packaging, and so on), the principle reason for this being that I just plain adore it all and have been looking for an excuse to post stuff like this for ages.

Thank you so much to the 300 plus readers of my “Second life of Second Life” article.  I wasn’t certain how many readers a new SL article would attract now that AVENUE is on its hiatus, so this was a very pleasant surprise indeed.

I’ll soon be turning my attention back to ‘SIM’, the novella I mentioned in January. In the meantime, however, I’ve decided to release finally online my novel ‘Beside an Open Window’, which I wrote in 2009.  I’ll post more news on this shortly.

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