New (cheaper) print version of AFK

I’ve been unhappy for a while now with the ISBN paperback of AFK I put together on lulu a while ago. It seemed like a wonderful idea at the time, but some sort of irregularity in the system somewhere has seen prices as high as $30. Way too expensive. Not good at all.

I’ll be replacing the ‘pocket-sized’ paperback version soon with a non-ISBN version that should keep a fixed price (probably of around about £8/$12). In the meantime, I’ve put together an even cheaper ‘digest’ version that exploits a larger page size, columns, a slightly reduced font size and an economy paper option that’s available on for books printed in the US. And it can be bought right now for just £3.25 ($5.20 approx). Click here to visit the lulu page for this product.

Since this is a US only product, readers from outside of the US should be aware that the cheapest postage option is about $10 (it’s much cheaper if you live in the US).


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  1. […] I experimented with adding an ISBN to some of my paperbacks a few years ago via a service that lulu offered.  In theory, this made them available on Amazon; in practice, when they did make it into Amazon listings, it was at wildly inflated prices.  In the end, I got fed up with seeing this and removed them. […]


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