An hour of Hard Luck

Having just put the finishing touches to a new Hard Luck story, ‘Did Dandelion Dickens die?’, and thereby bringing the total number of stories so far written about the Second Life detective to three, I thought it might be a good idea to package them up as a special Christmas reading event. The provisional details for ‘An Hour of Hard Luck’ are that it will take place at The Blue Angel on 16 December at 3:30pm SLT (but check here for confirmation closer to the date or join my inworld group for details to be sent to you) and will feature Persephone Phoenix reading ‘If the right guy is listening’ (which is written in the female voice) whilst I will read ‘Protecting Blackberry Pie’ and ‘Did Dandelion Dickens die?’ In truth, an hour might be stretching it a bit, but if 45 minutes sounds good to you, I might even find a private eye outfit to wear ;) Please note, this event has been postponed… a new date & time will be posted here ASAP.


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