Interview in The Avastar…

…of sorts. Ok, so I asked them to review AFK back in December, thinking it might appeal to their nose for scandal. Instead, I got sent a questionnaire about where my favourite places are in SL and they finally got around to using it today (slow news week, I gather), albeit with most of what I actually wrote edited out, including the link to the blooming novel!!! *Fume* Yes, I know; I’m an ungrateful bastard. I really am., should you be interested. It’s issue 66, by the way; page 24. At least they got the plug in for Sumos ;)



  1. Well, I was wondering why after such a beguiling introduction there was no mention of the novel in the interview. But I am of google generation and the search for Huckleberry Hax brings me straight here :)


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