Welcome to my website

Yes! Indeed! Blog! Errr…

Sort of blog. Ok, not blog. I have no intention of serialising my dull thoughts about stuff across a sequence of web pages. As it happens, I *much* prefer to do that sort of nonsense within the cosy confines of a novel. A hastily written novel, that is…

Essentially the purpose of this site is to promote my Second Life writing. Starting with my recent novel, ‘AFK,’ written in the 30 days of November 2007 as part of National Novel Writing Month. So, if you know me in SL, fret not; I won’t be telling the world about our night of passion under the kitchen sink at Greenies just yet.

Right. Download link to the right, then; off you go… Did I mention it was free? You were assuming that anyway, weren’t you? Of course you were.


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